The Team

Brief information on team and roles.

Ivar The Sol-Less - Founder: With experience in collectibles and in the crypto space Ivar decided it's time to merge his love for both, bring over some talented sculptors and start providing the web3 space with some dope collectibles. Ivar will handle the management and direction of all things Sleek Geek! Juan Pitluk - Sculptor: With experience in sculpting figures and statues, previous work with Ivar and also collectible company Diamond Select Toys where Juan sculpted licensed Marvel and DC products. Juan will handle the design and digital sculpt of all Sleek Geek drops! Zetto - Sculptor: French sculptor with experience in sculpting figures and statues for large anime franchises and previous work history with Ivar! Will be handling sculpting and fine details of our figures along with Juan! Brauxelion - Artist: Talented graphic designer, artist and musician. Brauxelion will handle all promo art and renders for Sleek Geek drops! Tomb Labs - Developers: We are working alongside Tomb Labs, a high-quality dev team with plenty experience building tech for some big web3 projects. Tomb Labs have been building custom tech for us such as our redeem shop! Elton - Community Lead: In real life manager of a big franchise and an asset to many communities right now in the NFT space, Elton will be coming aboard to help build out an amazing community for Sleek Geek! Rezi & Digi Detective - Community moderators: Two friendly, fellow degens who will help keep the discord engaged, help with any holder support and help with any questions. They will also run fun events etc. for community and help it grow alongside Elton! (We have more positions being filled, will update the page as add to the team. Will continue to look to expand and hire as we move forward)

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